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About Us

We provide Best App to bridge the gap between parents and school.

1. To develop a comprehensive and easy to use information rendering system.
2. To extend our effort for making India digital.
3. To enable parents to establish a 24x7 connect with childs school.
4. To help in reducing the use of paper, as an eco- friendly initiative.

- Parent app specialises in mobile apps that are affordable, simple, reliable and provide faster access anytime, anywhere.
- Get details of full fees structure.
- Continuous quiz and knowledge base updates to make your child brighter and intelligent.
- Plan for activities from schools daily calendar.
- Access photos of functions of the school.

- One touch access to Home Work.
- Information on academics, activities and attendance in one touch.
- Download the official app now for FREE and see what we can offer you with this simple and user-friendly mobile app.
- If you need help with the app, please email us at
School Management App is the most demanded app now a days.

CO-Founder - Satish Kumar Sharma

Technical Head - Rajkumar Sharma

Marketing Head - Himanshu Kumar Sharma